Humanimus Available for Preorder

I made a new book of poetry! This one has been in the works for years and I’m super thrilled to have it published by Palimpsest Press, where I was very fortunate to work with the talented editor and poet Jim Johnstone. Do I need to mention the cover? Thanks to Ellie Hastings for the cover design.

You can preorder the book online through Palimpsest or your local bookstore.

Here’s what another poet I deeply admire, Margaret Christakos, had to say about the collection:

“Huebert’s Humanimus conjures a farmyard of earthly debauchery, siding with the misused and woebegone animals humans seem to need to debase and consume. No quiet Canadian nature poetry here: Huebert steeps the “sphincteral” “demon fluid” of language’s baroque appetites into a “blubber-milk” “bite song” to frenzy between our dream-teeth. Poetic forms that favour repetition and transmutation of word and line structure act as sturdy racks for these sensational forays into the wild in us.” — Margaret Christakos



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