Looking Back at April / Poetry Poetry Poetry

Dear Cherished Few Readers,

It was a great month for poetry, and a great month for David Huebert the writer. I’ve recently gotten involved in two new poetry workshops, and have become something of a regular at London Poetry Open Mic Night (http://www.londonpoetryopenmic.com), where I recently had the pleasure of hearing super-talented London poet Laurie D Graham. This open mic night really is one of the best around. Anyway, all these poetry events have meant that I’ve been crafting lots of my own poetry lately and all that hard work has translated into publications. I’m happy to say that my poem, “The Call,” was published in CV2’s recent poetry only issue (37.4). The poem is a stylistic departure for me, so the affirmation means a lot. The issue–it is CV2–contains much deeply admirable verse. Among my favourite pieces: Sally Ito’s “Eye-Saddle,” Stephanie Bolster’s “Ornamental,” and Ricardo Sternberg’s “Mother-in-law.” More recently, I’ve had two poems from We Are No Longer The Smart Kids In Class appear in May’s issue of the Literary Review of Canada (23.4). This is also a thrill. It’s the second time I’ve published in the LRC and I’m deeply grateful to the staff and the poetry editor, Moira MacDougall, for the exposure. The past month or so has been a whirlwind of poetry, which has me excited and antsy for the launch of my first collection of poems in fall 2015. More on that soon! 

LRC 23_4 Cover


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