“Jellyfish” wins Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest

I’m deeply grateful that judge Sheldon Currie and the folks at The Antigonish Review gave my story, “Jellyfish,” first place in the Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest. The story appears in TAR 183 (pictured below), which has a pretty rugged-looking jellyfish on the cover. My story is about sickness and addiction and water and I’m really excited it found such a lovely home. TAR has published my work twice already and as a young Nova Scotian writer it means a lot to have the support of this fine journal.

TAR cover_183_large

New (free) Story at The Puritan

Dear Cherished Few Readers,

My newest story, “Bellyflop,” has just been published as part of The Puritan 28. Like all work in The Puritan, it’s free to read online and can be found right here: I’m super excited about the publication. There are a bunch of fellow contributors I admire and respect, including one (Annik Adey-Babinski) who wrote a kickass poem called “On MC Hammer’s Birthday.” My own story is a racy cocktail of sex toys, electricity, teenage hijinx, and confused sexuality. I swear it is not even remotely autobiographical.

New Story: “Urinemate”


I was thrilled to find my contributor’s copy of Broken Pencil #66 in the mail today. My story, “Urinemate,” looks awesomely professional amidst BP’s always-impressive melange of comics, reviews, illustrations, and indie reportage. If there’s a go-to magazine for Canadian hipsters, it’s probably so supercool and obscure I haven’t heard of it yet. But the next best thing is Broken Pencil. “Urinemate,” a story about a paranoid designer of prosthetic phalluses and his war with his “long-haired upstairs neighbour,” appears alongside a suitably macabre-phallic illustration by Laura Kenins. You can buy the magazine at the Broken Pencil store ( or at magazine stands across the country.